Launched at a Fair Price with 100% of the royalties to the community






Welcome to Littleridge

Fennecs were once alone and lost in the desert, trying to survive human invasion. But a group gathered together and founded the most thuggish & unexpected association.

The Fennec Thug Association is a collection of 3,500 randomly generated & unique art pieces carefully hand drawn and selected by our beloved artist. There are over 250 possible attributes, some rarer than others.

Join us on our journey & experience where the Wild West meets the Sahara Desert and Cuteness meets Thuggery.

Holding a Fennec ensures you a place of choice in our association and juicy rewards through the redistribution of royalties.

These fennec have strong ambitions

The core team has been working for the past 5 weeks and we're truly giving all to the Association! Some of the team members have even cured their addiction to shitcoin thanks to this project.

The most important thing for us is to show the NFT community that we are capable of carrying out an ambitious project and to make a name in the industry.

As the minting process progresses each milestone reached will be celebrated as a community success. Our hopes and expectations for this project are high. While we know that this project can be life changing for our team, our goal is to ensure that the entire community is able to share in the projects success!

  • The most involved members will have the opportunity to become Fennec OGs and thus take part in the presale
  • Build the community with early Fennecs on discord through multiple giveways & contests so we can grow together!
  • Collaborative giveaways, so we can meet our friends from #NFTCommunity.
  • We will let crypto twitter space know about us, after all, who could resist such a mix of badass and cuteness?
  • Royalties are send to holders & minters!
  • 20 Fennecs are airdroped to lucky holders!
  • One holder will be randomly chosen to receive a special 1/1 Fennec edition (Highest rarity score).
  • Continue growing the Twitter and Discord community by getting press campaign so we can attract new members from other chains & mainstream market.
  • Holders will be rewarded for using Fennec as pfp on twitter and discord.
  • All participants who have won a Fennec during the pre-mint events will receive their rewards.
  • We will ensure that we are listed and verified on marketplaces: DigitalEyes, MagicEden.
  • Opening Discord channel for holders where we can share what we want to see for the future of the project.
  • We issue Roadmap 2.0 as we continue to build the Association together!

The terrifying town of littleridge.

This is where the Fennecs live, Holders & Minters will be rewarded with 100% of the royalties & take part in the decisions that will drive the project.


The Fennec fam got that flex. Each one is made of a body, eyes, hat, mouth, nose, outfit, wings, accessory and background. Their traits can be common, rare, epic or legendary.

Our beloved fennecs, who were once wild animals, have developed a taste for fashion. When going out in Littleridge, it is important to bring your swag with you to gain the respect of the frens.

Like humans, the Fennec have elevated certain members of their society to the status of gods. When you will see the special 1/1 edition that our artist has concocted, you will understand what we are talking about!

Ask the Sheriff

He'll answer all your questions about the Fennec Thug Association

Founded by 4 irl friends, the Fennec Thug Association is a project that is close to our hearts. Even before thinking about the mint event, what we want the most is to grow a community full of love and ambition where every individual could contribute to the building.

That’s the motto of our crew.

The core team consists of an artist who is also a developer, two collectors/marketers and a full-stack dev with many years of experience. 3 of us have been immersed in the field of NFT for 6 months and have been in the crypto space for years.

tl;dr Joining our community means a chance to be involved in an ambitious project, expand your network by connecting with new friends, and ofc, flipping some crazy jpeg with the fam to #MakeMamaProud!

At the time of writing this, each Fennec NFT is made of 9 types of traits:

  • Body: 3 shapes, 63 colors divided in 4 different furs
  • Eyes: 61 traits
  • Hat: 46 traits
  • Mouth: 51 traits
  • Nose: 8 traits
  • Outfit: 44 traits
  • Wings: 13 traits
  • Accessory: 5 traits (tattooing and piercing)
  • Background: 4

You can expect billions possible unique combinations, on top of that, there will be a dozen of unique 1/1 edition. The generative algorithm makes sure that all pieces of artwork are unique and thus, none has the same set of traits. There are 4 categories of rarity: common, rare, epic, legendary.

Metadata and images will be saved using the Arweave protocol through the metaplex candy machine.

We will host a pre-sale in which all Fennec OGs can participate the October 18th. The price of the presale will be 0.1 SOL and there will be 840 NFT reserved for presalers. The public minting event will take place in the next 7 days, the price will be 0.25 SOL per Fennec with a max buy of 1 NFT per transaction. The reveal will be instant.

We reserved 100 Fennec for giveaway winners and marketing purposes.

The main reason why someone would want to mint a Fennec is because its utility: 100% of the royalties will be given to the community. 80% to holders, 20% to minters.

On top of that, you will own the wickedest animal character representing you & your association on every social media, you'll be able to trade it on DigitalEyes & MagicEden, receive exclusive benefits that are for holders only and use it to enter our giveaways. That will also give you a voice in our community-driven events!

The Team

As we have grown together as IRL friends and colleagues, so too have our aspirations. We are passionate about this project and we are dedicated to making this our full time career.


Community Supervisor, Marketing Support, Meme addict

Eat scorpion for the breakfast


Full-Stack dev, Marketing head, DeFi wiz

You can find him around 4:20p.m on the stairs of the town hall


Artist, Full-Stack dev

Rumors say that the real Mona Lisa is in his room


Front-End dev, NFT Collector

Wanted for robbing the bank of Littleridge

Our lovely neighbors

Living next to 3,500 fennecs is not easy everyday, but some neighbors had the courage to give some precious feedback about the cohabitation.